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HCS Mini Home Gateway NAS FW VPN Media Server Profissional

2 anos atrás Outras Vendas Lisboa   297 visualizações
Preço: 489 €

Surplus Ayos HCS Minis, usually sold for around 680 euros, only 445 euros. New, only tested for function. Based on BSD Ayos not linux. Home Cloud Gateway for your home allowing complete control of anything going in and out of your network similar to LittleSnitch but for your home. Even has outgoing VPN and "home anywhere" incoming VPN to access your network while your are travelling. If you are a tech you will understand the unique nature of this product. Might be the most secure home device ever made. Features -- Admin Portal, Home Page, ISP blinding mechanisms, Parental control including scheduled, Per Flow Network Firewall, iVPN - Home anywhere, Outgoing VPN such as NordVPN capable, DNS / DHCP fw / mgr, WIFI Controller, LAN Speedtester, VM mgr & services, Media centres like Plex & Emby, File / Disk manager, NAS (up to 20 petabytes of data), Network Backups like mac timeshift, App Store, Home Cloud – NextCloud, User mgr, System mgr, Free Software updates, Free Support forum.Ships worldwide, import tax outside Europe may apply.